IMPORTANT: All tickets posted between the 18th-22nd of April, will only be answered on the 23rd !!!

Thank you for registering to my support system. Before going further, please read the following terms:

No 1. Please VERIFY YOUR PURCHASE CODE before opening any ticket. If you don't know how, check out this screenshot!

No 2. Please OPEN A PUBLIC TICKET if you don't have any sensitive information in it. Doing this you'll also help others with your question.

No 3. Support is offered only for BUGS AND SMALL TIPS. Let me explain a bit on how does this work in real life:

  • You've done everything in your power to find why something advertised in the online preview isn't working properly (see rule #6) and seek help: you are elidgible for free support.
  • You want to do a quick style change but don't know how to do it: if the style change is really easy (if it takes me less than 1min to help you) i MIGHT give you the correct code OR at least give you some hints. If you ask about 5 changes in a row i'll stop helping you, because you're just taking advantage.
  • You want to do something more complex but don't know where to start: in no case i'll write even a single line of code for you, but i MIGHT give you some tips on how to achieve that.

Support is not offered for third party plugins or custom work done the theme (as in - if you have issues with a plugin which isn't developed by me or if you have done custom work and you ask me to debug your own code - that's not going to happen).

You have to understand that you buy the item AS IT IS! If you want it to look or function different than what you see in the online demo you need to understand that this is not covered by basic support. I am always here to give small tips and advices, i even write full blocks of css codes sometimes, because i like to help. But if your requests are coming one after the other and you don't have the slightest clue of what CSS or HTML is, you should definitely consider rule #4.

No 4. Custom Work. For everything which is not covered by the rule above, please contact Elto - A Partner Theme Customizations Market. I am not available for freelance work, so please don't ask.

No 5. Support is offered Monday through Friday, but please allow up to 24-48hrs for your ticket to get reviewed & responded to.

No 6. Before asking for support, make sure that you:

  • READ THE MANUAL !! One out of two times issues arise because users do not read instructions. I have spent time to write clear instructions on how to use my themes, so please read them.
  • SEE THE FAQS !! Read what others already asked
  • SEARCH THROUGH TICKETS !! Before sending the ticket, try to spend 5mins to search through tickets already opened. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can now open a support ticket!
  • LOOK INTO THE ARCHIVES !! Search the latest closed tickets

No 7. Post as much info as you can on your errors: links and screenshots are always welcomed! If you don't provide any, i might ask, so if you're in a different timezone than me, you're just loosing your time..

No 8. Please be polite! I'm trying to do my best in order to make everyone happy!

Good luck!

Best Regards,

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