“How to Make Tagline a link”

  • Mike Van Houten
    Greetings. Great template so far. I was wondering how the link tag on the home page tagline can actually be a link. It seems to be deactivated somehow even though a link tag exists with some css formatting applied to it. I did some research, searched through your tickets/faqs but could not find anything. It's important to my client this tagline is clickable, and I have a good knowledge of html but can't figure out why the link itself is not clickable. Thanks!

    1:51 on November 21, 2013

  • Ruben Bristian

    Hi Mike

    You should increase the z-index on the tagline element:

    #tagline section a {
       z-index: 99999;

    This should make the link clickable..


    1:51 on November 22, 2013