Public Ticket #21037

Remove number of items for portfolio [ in brackets (n) ]

  • Ruben Bristian

    NEW METHOD (Version 2.x) !

    Simply add this bit of custom CSS code into the place for custom CSS code in the Theme Options:

    .menu-cat {
       display: none;

    5:21pm on December 11, 2012

  • limbus
    Hi Ruben, Great theme, like it very much! I followed your tutorial on setting up the theme and already did quite a few tweaks to css and php files, but I can't find a certain line of code which I would like removed. It should be located in one of .php files, but I need your help. I have the works arranged in portfolios. The web site I'm working on is for a painter, so my classifications are not e.g. "print", "online", etc, but they're describing this painters cycles of work, and therefor I would like the numbers of works (in brackets) next to these categories removed from the main menu, because they always show "(1)". Please take a look at the attached screenshot, I believe everything will be clear. Best regards, Ivo

    5:21pm on December 10, 2012